Our Mission

Red Montana is a leftist organization that is working to offer opposition to the capitalist system and the governmental systems that support it through a Communalist approach. This means that we work to build municipal assemblies of citizens that work outside existing systems to provide our communities and their people with their needs and wants through confederated interdependent networks with other communities and collective effort, while also offering solid efforts to undermine the systems which exploit them.

This system works from “the ground up,” meaning that no one becomes lost in the vast numbers of the population, becoming mere “constituents.” Decisions begin at the local level, and work up based on how many communities are effected by the need. Nothing is mandated down from the top. But no community is a mere island among other islands, we all depend on each other, and as such we must maintain close networks of interdependence to support each other. We must work to build a true confederation of municipalities.

Obviously, this is a very long-term goal. So for now our efforts are focused on outreach and education. We will be holding weakly discussion groups to cover objectives and leftist ideals.

Although we are primarily a communalist organization, we do not reject anyone that wishes to participate or simply to learn about us. If you have questions, or wish to work with us, please feel free to ask or simply attend one of our discussion groups. In the meantime if you wish to learn about Communalism and other leftist concepts, please read “Rise of Communalism” in our library, as well as any of our other texts covering a variety of leftist schools and ideals.

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