Anarchism and Community Policing

Anarchism is not Chaos, nor is it a naive belief that a community will just “be cool.”  Anarchists seek to abolish policing as we understand it now, because these systems and methods of policing were designed to enforce and protect class divides, and to hold up the government above the populace as a State.

It is important to point out that there is not a universal system of community policing that will fit every community.  Rather, like all other governmental systems, it must be shaped by local material and cultural conditions.  That said, we can draw an outline of what an Anarchist policing system would look like

First and foremost it would not be held above the populace.  It would consist of members of the community who also perform other roles more commonly. Someone who has been appointed as a member of a community police group would do so as a task secondary to their primary work.  They would of course still receive specialized training, that is a given.  But We must abolish policing as a profession in-and-of itself.  Then police members won’t think of themselves as police first, and by such create an “us versus them” mentality in the community between the police and the rest of the populace.

The next critical difference between traditional police forces and Anarchist community policing, is that anyone who wishes to perform the role of a police person must be answerable to the community as a whole.  They cannot simply be hired by an unelected person, as most are now.  Instead they would be approved by the community as a whole in whatever governmental body exists in the community (Communalist Assembly, Syndicalist Council, etc.)  And these police would be recallable by that same governmental body at any time for any reason.  Police serve the community in an Anarchist Society, not the other way around as it is in traditional police systems, no matter what they claim to the contrary.

This all would exist alongside a system of justice.  A person inherently has a right to defend themselves and prove their innocence.  Once again: Anarchism is not chaos, it is Order Without Rulers.